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  • Certain organisms routinely break universal biological rules. #News #Rules

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    1330 days ago

  • Ten recommendations for creating usable bioinformatics command line software

    Bioinformatics software varies greatly in quality. In terms of usability, the command line interface is the first experience a user will have of a tool. Unfortunately, this is often also the last time a tool will be used. Here I present ten recommendations for command line software author’s...

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    1318 days ago

  • The 5 reasons to mistakes at bioinformatics work !!!

    When you're just starting out with biological programming, it's easy to run into complex problems that make you wonder how anyone has ever managed to write a program. There are some problems that trip up nearly every bioinformatician--everything from getting started understanding the biological p...

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    1273 days ago

  • Ten Simple Rules for Finishing Your PhD #PhD #Rules

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    1138 days ago

  • Ten Simple Rules for a Computational Biologist’s Laboratory Notebook. #Notebook #Lab #Rules #Bioinformatics

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    859 days ago