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  • Bioinformatics approach to Boar Taint

    Meat products obtained from intact male pigs often produce offensive smell or odour which is recognized as a complex genetic trait called boar taint.Androstenone and Skatole in the fat primarily cause boar taint. Metabolism of androstenone and sex steroids share a common pathway which makes ...

    Tags: Sequencing, DNA, Whole genome re-sequencing, Boar taint, androstenone, skatole, pig, QTL, SNP, haplotype, fine mapping, SSC

    1527 days ago

  • Postdoctoral Associate - Bioinformatics at Duke University Medical Center

    The Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics at Duke University Medical Center is seeking a Postdoctoral Associate for a one year appointment to work on several high-dimensional research projects. The specific goals of the project are to identify genes or molecular markers that are predicti...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, Genomics, Clinical, SNP, R

    1658 days ago

  • Genome Browsers

    Genome Browser is the platform/database used for searching and retreiving sequences and annotation of genomes belong to various eukaryotes, prokaryotes, etc. Following are the weblink for different available browsers: http://genome....

    Tags: Genome Browser, Organism, Plant, Animal, Bacteria, fungi, Genome Sequence, DNA, Sequencing, Annotation, SNP, gff, gtf, gff3, vcf, bed

    1652 days ago

  • High Density Sheep SNP Genotyping Chip released!!!

    If you are working on Sheep genomics then there is a good news for you. FarmIQ in conjunction with Illumina and the International Sheep Genomics Consortium (ISGC) are today announcing completion of the “Ovine Infinium® HD SNP BeadChip”, a high definition SNP chip for ship gen...

    Tags: ovine, sheep, mutation, SNP, genotyping, illumina

    1634 days ago

  • Latest paper on comparison of mapping tools

    A. Hatem, D. Bozdag, A. E. Toland, U. V. Catalyurek "Benchmarking short sequence mapping tools" BMC Bioinformatics, 14(1):184, 2013. Other similiar papers:

    Tags: Sequencing, short reads mapping, SNP, GSNAP, BWA, Bowtie, BWA, mrsFAST

    1634 days ago

  • A-allele of SLC24A5 gene is found to be responsible for variation in skin color of South-East Asians and Europeans

    Key finding: rs1426654 SNP of SLC24A5 gene is decider of skin pigmentation variation in South Asia rs1426654-A allele is widely spread throughout the Indian subcontinent  Skin pigmentation is also account by the combination of processes like selection and demographic history of pop...

    Tags: Skin pigmentation, sequencing, SNP, SLC24A5, population genetics, phylogenetics, coalescence time

    1564 days ago

  • What are the best known workflow or tutorial for SNP calling?

    Tags: SNP, Workflows, Tutorial, Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms, SNPs, Variants

    1320 days ago

  • KITLG -blond hair gene!! #genetics #SNP

    Tags: genetics, SNP

    1363 days ago

  • R getting strong for NGS analysis #Packages #NGS #R #Bioconductor #Bowtie #Sequence #Analysis #SNP

    Tags: Packages, NGS, R, Bioconductor, Bowtie, Sequence, Analysis, SNP

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  • Commercial and public next-gen-seq (NGS) software

    Integrated solutions CLCbio Genomics Workbench - de novo and reference assembly of Sanger, Roche FLX, Illumina, Helicos, and SOLiD data. Commercial next-gen-seq software that extends the CLCbio Main Workbench software. Includes SNP detection, CHiP-seq, browser and other features. Commercial. Wind...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, NGS, Next generation sequencing, Tools, Software, SNP, Assembly, Pipeline

    1256 days ago