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  • Genome Assembly Tools and Software - PART2 !!

    ...genome shotgun and EST sequence assembler for Sanger, 454, Solexa (Illumina), IonT...en by the Seqfeature database. It accepts both Sanger and 454 sequencing technology...uced by many automated sequencers based on the Sanger sequencing method.  As s...

    422 days ago

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  • RIP Frederick Sanger. Your contribution to science was incredible !!! #Sanger

    1555 days ago


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  • Lawley Lab

    Lawley Lab are covered with a complex microbial community, known as our microbiota, which plays important roles in our physiology, immunity, metabolism and sustenance. Within the human gastrointestinal tract alone there are over 1,000 bacterial species, which amounts to approximately 10 times mor...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, Evolution, Adaptation, Population, Sanger, Lawley, Laboratory

    655 days ago