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  • Bioinformatics Codes Search

    I bet, this website will be your best friend in near future. This helps us to explore the existing open source codes and learn from it. You can find some useful open source bioinformatics codes for your analysis work. You can use the left bar options to filtere out or narrow down your search res...

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  • Perl scripts for science and engineering #Perl #Scripts

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  • Useful perl scripts collections #Perl #Scripts

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  • Bioinformatics scripts #Scripts #Bioinformatics

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  • BioCodes/BioScripts

    Over the years most bioinformatics people amass a collection of small utility scripts which make their lives easier. Too often they are kept either in private repositories or as part of a public collection to which noone else can contribute. Biocode is a curated repository of general-use utility ...

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  • R programming and Jobs website

    Welcome to the R Jobs section of If your organization has an R employment opportunity that you would like to have posted here, submit it via the contact page. Prospective employees: use the contact information provided in the position listing to apply or contact the hiring organ...

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  • Perl scripts for Bioinformatics #Perl #Bioinformatics #Genetics #Scripts

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  • Bioinformatics script collection #Biopieces #Scripts #Bioinformatics

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  • The genomics blogs #Genomics #Blog #Scripts #Tricks

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  • ggplot2 books #R #ggplot2 #Scripts #Code

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