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  • Sequencing Solutions to World Health

    "New technology that quickly, easily and economically reveals the genomes of viruses and pathogens transforms public health and medicine." Source: Life technologies

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    1640 days ago

  • Should you get sequenced? Not all bad genes predict disease

    “What we really don’t know yet is whether the predictive aspects of the genome are going to turn out to be beneficial or potentially harmful” “As we roll out genomic medicine we are fighting against this society-wide misconception that having the bad gene means you’...

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    1640 days ago

  • Comparison of Short Read De Novo Alignment Algorithms

    Excellent article to introduce different sequencing methods along with tools for de novo assembly of sequencing reads and their relevant references. Title: Comparison of Short Read De Novo Alignment Algorithms  Author: Nikhil Gopal

    Tags: Sequencing, assembly, de novo assembly, velvet

    1648 days ago

  • Latest paper on comparison of mapping tools

    A. Hatem, D. Bozdag, A. E. Toland, U. V. Catalyurek "Benchmarking short sequence mapping tools" BMC Bioinformatics, 14(1):184, 2013. Other similiar papers:

    Tags: Sequencing, short reads mapping, SNP, GSNAP, BWA, Bowtie, BWA, mrsFAST

    1635 days ago

  • Encode sequencing data freely available to download and use for academic means

    In Encode, regulatory elements investigated via DNA hypersensitivity assays, assays of DNA methylation, and chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) of proteins that interact with DNA, including modified histones and transcription factors, followed by sequencing (ChIP-Seq). More information: h...

    Tags: Encode, UCSC, genome browser, Sequencing, RNA-Seq, Chip-Seq, Epigenomics, Methylation, histone modification, regulatory elements, HMM

    1444 days ago

  • Largest Genome Sequenced

    The enormous size of the loblolly pine genome having 22 billion base pairs compared to only 3 billion in the human genome. In other words, it is seven times larger than a human’s and also the largest and the most complete conifer genome ever sequenced. Related Paper: http:/...

    Tags: Sequencing, conifer, genome assembly, plant

    1436 days ago

  • New RNA Seq tool

    "By removing the time-consuming step of read mapping, the authors reported, Sailfish able to provide quantification estimates 20–30 times faster than current methods without loss of accuracy." Tool link:

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    1401 days ago

  • GraphMap - A highly sensitive and accurate mapper for long, error-prone reads

    GraphMap is a novel mapper targeted at aligning long, error-prone third-generation sequencing data.It is designed to handle Oxford Nanopore MinION 1d and 2d reads with very high sensitivity and accuracy, and also presents a significant improvement over the state-of-the-art for PacBio re...

    Tags: Nanopore, Sequencing, GraphMap, MinION. NGS

    963 days ago

  • Scaffolding of a bacterial genome using MinION nanopore sequencing

    Second generation sequencing has revolutionized genomic studies. However, most genomes contain repeated DNA elements that are longer than the read lengths achievable with typical sequencers, so the genomic order of several generated contigs cannot be easily resolved. A new generation of sequencer...

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    963 days ago

  • cutadapt

    Cutadapt finds and removes adapter sequences, primers, poly-A tails and other types of unwanted sequence from your high-throughput sequencing reads. Cleaning your data in this way is often required: Reads from small-RNA sequencing contain the 3’ sequencing adapter because the read is longe...

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    652 days ago