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  • Bioinformatics approach to Boar Taint

    Meat products obtained from intact male pigs often produce offensive smell or odour which is recognized as a complex genetic trait called boar taint.Androstenone and Skatole in the fat primarily cause boar taint. Metabolism of androstenone and sex steroids share a common pathway which makes ...

    Tags: Sequencing, DNA, Whole genome re-sequencing, Boar taint, androstenone, skatole, pig, QTL, SNP, haplotype, fine mapping, SSC

    1489 days ago

  • Genomics and sequencing approach for identification of biomarkers to assess the efficacy of TGF-╬▓RI inhibitors (of liver cancer) in vivo

    Liver cancer is third leading cause of deaths and fourth most frequent occuring cancer worldwide. There are multiple signaling pathways responsible for causing cancer amongst which TGFb is most important cytokine whose signaling pathway promote cancer. However, main problem is to cure this cancer...

    Tags: Sequencing, HCC, liver, MACE, cancer, fibrosis, methylation

    1260 days ago

  • Alien Genome !!!

    Genome sequencing, analysis and expression of Alien genome. Note: This image/cartoon is create only for fun. It has nothing to do with any scientific findings.

    Tags: Cartoon, Fun, Humor, Joke, Research, Alien, Genome, Sequencing

    1131 days ago