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  • ART: Set of Simulation Tools

    ART is a set of simulation tools to generate synthetic next-generation sequencing reads. ART simulates sequencing reads by mimicking real sequencing process with empirical error models or quality profiles summarized from large recalibrated sequencing data. ART can also simulate reads using user o...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, Stats, Reads, NGS, Simulator

    410 days ago

  • MetaSim A Sequencing Simulator for Genomics and Metagenomics.

    Our software can be used to generate collections of synthetic reads that reflect the diverse taxonomical composition of typical metagenome data sets. Based on a database of given genomes, the program allows the user to design a metagenome by specifying the number of genomes pr...

    Tags: MetaSim, Sequencing, Simulator, Genomics, Metagenomics

    14 days ago

  • Grinder / Biogrinder - A versatile omics shotgun and amplicon sequencing read simulator

    Grinder is a versatile program to create random shotgun and amplicon sequence libraries based on DNA, RNA or proteic reference sequences provided in a FASTA file. Grinder can produce genomic, metagenomic, transcriptomic, metatranscriptomic, proteomic, metaproteomic shotgun and amplicon datasets...

    Tags: Grinder, Biogrinder, Versatile, Omics, Shotgun, Amplicon, Sequencing, Read, simulator

    208 days ago