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  • R and Bioconductor

    R and Bioconductor

    R is a free software programming language and a software environment for statistical computing and graphics. The R languag...ed among statisticians and data miners for developing statistical software and data analysis. R's popula...

    1684 days ago

  • Molecular Modelling and Drug Design

    Molecular Modelling and Drug Design

    This group is desing to inform, update and discuss the old or new bioinformatics/computational biology software.

    1607 days ago

  • Ruby and BioRuby

    Ruby and BioRuby

    ...ioinformatics. BioRuby is one of a number of Bio* projects designed to reduce code duplication. In 2011 the BioRuby project introduced the biogem software plugin system. Biogems are li...

    1653 days ago

  • Metagenomics


    ...obiome Project: Tools: http:/...s-and-data-used-in-mg-rast/    

    1437 days ago

  • BOL Virtual Research Group

    BOL Virtual Research Group

    ...genomics approaches in genome assembly. Evolutionary Genomics Evolutions and their impact on genomes EvolveG EBAnalyser Biological Software Developement DARSAN Phylo...

    1676 days ago