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  • Smyth Lab

    Statistical functional genomics in experimental medicine The genome projects and the accelerated development of high-throughput genomic technologies such as microarrays have revolutionised biology. Making the most of this revolution requires the marriage of researchers from mathematical and biol...

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    1558 days ago

  • EMBO Practical Course, Bioinformatics, large-scale data, at Shenzhen, China

    This international advanced course will provide training on bioinformatics and statistics methods for genomic research. It will give insight into how biological knowledge can be generated from high-throughput sequencing (DNA-Seq, RNA-seq, ChIP-seq) experiments and will illustrate how to analyze s...

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  • Palideh12

    Skills: Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Algorithms, Python, Algorithm Design, Algorithm Analysis, Algorithm Development, Statistics, R, Probability, Statistical Data Analysis, Stochastic Processes, Operations Research, Game Theory

    1258 days ago

  • Which math/statistics programming language/application do you most frequently use in bioinformatics?

    I'm doing a bit more statistical analysis on some bioinformatics things lately, and I'm curious if there are any programming languages that are particularly good for this NGS computation. What suggestions do you guys have? Are there any languages that have exceptionally good libraries?

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    1136 days ago

  • Statistics for biologist #Statistics #Biology #View #Method

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  • Essentials of Statistics and Data Analysis using R

    Clinical Development Services Agency (CDSA) is an extramural unit of Translational Health Science and Technology Institute (THSTI), Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India. CDSA has a national mandate of strengthening capacity and capability building...

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    780 days ago

  • BioinfoLab

    Laboratory of Statistics and Computational tools for Bioinformatics The Laboratory of Statistics and Computational tools for Bioinformatics (BioinfoLab) is hosted at the Istituto per le Applicazioni del Calcolo "Mauro Picone" - CNR . The laboratory has been officially opened in 2012 with the s...

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    573 days ago

  • Machine Learning !!!

    In machine learning, computers apply statistical learning techniques to automatically identify patterns in data. These techniques can be used to make highly accurate predictions. Keep scrolling. Using a data set about homes, we will create a machine learning model to distinguish h...

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    475 days ago

  • Statistics and probability

    Topics Displaying and describing data Modeling distributions of data Describing relationships in quantitative data Designing studies Probability Random variables Sampling distributions Confidence intervals (one sample) Significance tests (one sample) Significance tests and confidence ...

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  • 17 Marie Curie PhD position available immediately

    Kindly look into following webpage: The closing date for application will be 26 June 2015.

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    849 days ago