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  • Genome STRiP

    Genome STRiP (Genome STRucture In Populations) is a suite of to...vering and genotyping structural variations using sequencing data. The m...ds are designed to detect shared variation using data from multiple indi...terogeneous data sets, including variations in sequencing depth, read le...

    443 days ago

  • Entrez Direct: E-utilities on the UNIX Command Line

    ...NCBI's suite of interconnected databases (publication, sequence, structure, gene, variation, expression, etc.) from a UNI...ata from document summaries or other results that are returned in structured XML format. This can elimina...

    400 days ago

  • Resolving the complexity of the human genome using single-molecule sequencing

    The human genome is arguably the most complete mammalian re...romatic gaps remain and aspects of its structural variation remain poorly understood ten...ter complexity of the human genome in the form of variation of longer and more complex re...

    866 days ago

  • ART: Set of Simulation Tools

    ...or benchmark a variety of method or tools for next-generation sequencing data analysis, including read alignment, de novo assembly, SNP and structure variation discovery. ART was used as a...

    385 days ago

  • Stampy

    Stampy is a package for the mapping of short reads from illumina sequencing machin...p-seq. Stampy excels in the mapping of reads containing that contain sequence variation relative to the reference, in...

    552 days ago

  • HistoneDB 2.0 – with variants

    This histone database can be used to explore the diversity of histone proteins and thei...any organisms. The resource was established to better understand how sequence variation may affect functional and str...

    538 days ago

  • PolyPhen-2: Prediction of functional effects of human nsSNPs

    PolyPhen-2 (Polymorphism Phenotyping v2) is a tool which predicts possible impact of an amino acid substitution on the structure and function of a human protein using straightforward physical and comparative considerations.

    550 days ago

  • ShRec3D

    ShRec3D is a program that aims at reconstructing a genome 3D structure (b) from the sole knowledge of the contacts between different genomic regions (a) as determined by Hi-C (http://ww...

    1064 days ago

  • Pilon

    Pilon is a software tool which can be used to: Automatically improve draft assemblies Find variation among strains, including larg...

    654 days ago

  • R-chie

    ... allows you to make arc diagrams of RNA secondary structures, allowing for easy comparison and overlap of two structures, rank and display basepairs...lize corresponding multiple sequence alignments and co-variation information.R4RNA is the...

    448 days ago