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  • Tools to detect synteny blocks regions among multiple genomes

    The synteny block (which etymologically means “on the same ribbon”) is a collection of contiguous genes located on the same chromosome. These block regions have mostly been preserved by genome rearrangements, and so synteny blocks from two related species (e.g., humans and mice) will ...

    Tags: Synteny, Genome, GWAS, Conserve Synteny, Synteny Blocks, Comparative Genomes, Syntenic Regions

    275 days ago

  • Mercator that constructs orthology maps between multiple whole genomes #Synteny #Orthology #Map #Construction #Alignment

    Tags: Synteny, Orthology, Map, Construction, Alignment

    1206 days ago

  • Evaluating synteny for improved comparative studies #Genomics #Synteny #ComparativeStudy

    Tags: Genomics, Synteny, ComparativeStudy

    1196 days ago

  • MAP2: multiple alignment of syntenic genomic sequences #Alignment #Synteny #Sequence

    Tags: Alignment, Synteny, Sequence

    1178 days ago

  • Orthology Detection Combining Clustering and Synteny for Very Large Datasets #Chromosome #Clustering #Synteny

    Tags: Chromosome, Clustering, Synteny

    1164 days ago

  • A Multiscale Synteny Browser tool MizBee #Synteny #Browser #Genome #NGS #ComparativeGenomics

    Tags: Synteny, Browser, Genome, NGS, ComparativeGenomics

    680 days ago

  • Spines

    Spines Spines is a collection of software tools, developed and used by the Vertebrate Genome Biology Group at the Broad Institute. It provides basic data structures for efficient data manipulation (mostly genomic sequences, alignments, variation etc.), as well as specialized tool sets ...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, Spines, Satsuma, Synteny, Papaya, SLAP, Tools

    673 days ago

  • A universal genomic #coordinate translator for comparative genomics #Genes #Translator #Synteny

    Tags: coordinate, Genes, Translator, Synteny

    616 days ago

  • GLIBC_2.14 error with SatsumaSynteny !!

    I run SatsumaSynteny on my server using following command: [jit@hm satsuma-code-0]$ ./SatsumaSynteny -q Genome/renamedG.fa -t Genome/genome_v4.fasta -o Genome/OutFile -m 128 -ni 10 -n 256 -chain_only But it kill the program with followng error:  ./SatsumaSynteny: /lib64/ version...

    Tags: Satsuma, Synteny, SatsumaSynteny, BLIBC, Redhat, Linux, Server, Comparative Genomics, Alignment

    615 days ago

  • SATSUMA : Highly sensitive whole-genome synteny alignments.

    Satsuma is a whole-genome synteny alignment program. It takes two genomes, computes alignments, and then keeps only the parts that are orthologous, i.e. following the conserved order and orientation of features, such as protein coding genes, non-coding genes, or neutral sequences. Satsuma does no...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, NGS, Sequence, Alignment, Synteny, Comparative genomics, Genomics

    579 days ago