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  • Deepak

    i am simple , straight forward , scientific , good observer and listener, divine, spiritual , kind , boring , respectfull , lazy , naughty (i.e i always behave as a child whom i am close with), some times very serious and sometimes funny like a small child , always want to meet and chat with good...

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    1336 days ago

  • TeachEnG: Teaching Engine for Genomics

    TeachEnG (pronounced “teaching”), a Teaching Engine for Genomics, provides educational games to help students and researchers understand key bioinformatics concepts. The current version includes interactive modules for sequence alignment and phylogenetic tree reconstruction algorithms...

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    70 days ago

  • Assessing an effective undergraduate module #teaching applied #bioinformatics to biology students

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    36 days ago

  • Rahul Nayak

    I am a bioinformatician, working in an multinational company as a data analyst.

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    10 days ago

  • Surabhi Chaudhary

    I am bioinformatician from Darbhanga, Bihar, India

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    6 days ago

  • Aaryan Lokwani

    A bioinformatician @ research lab.

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    1205 days ago

  • Radha Agarkar

    A bioinformatician from Maharashtra, India

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    9 days ago

  • Shruti Paniwala

    I am bioinformatics research fellow in a ICMR laboratory.

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    38 days ago

  • Bioinformatics Skill Development Program (BSDP)

    Bioinformatics Skill Development Program (BSDP)

    Hey! Welcome to Bioinformatics Skill Development Program (BSDP) series group....The BioinformaticsOnline (BOL), a bioinformatics education portal, began offering one and two week short courses in bioinformatics, genomics, proteomics and biological programming in 2009, in response to an identified...

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    1443 days ago

  • Alok Prajapati

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    1284 days ago