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  • Evolutionary analysis tools and software #Evolution #Tree #Tools #Software

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    1222 days ago

  • deepTools

    deepTools addresses the challenge of handling the large amounts of data that are now routinely generated from DNA sequencing centers. To do so, deepTools contains useful modules to process the mapped reads data to create coverage files in standard bedGraph and bigWig file formats. By doing so, de...

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    1198 days ago

  • List of Bioinformatics tools #Tools #Bioinformatics

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  • Search bioinformatics tools and run genomic analysis in the cloud #Gene #Cloud #Genomics #InsideDNA #DNA #Bioinformatics #Tools #Online

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  • Bioinformatics WalkIn at NII

    ADVERTISEMENT OF WALK-IN-INTERVIEW NAME OF THE POST : Bioinformatician (Part time 3 days in a week) (One Position only) DURATION : One Year NAME OF THE PROJECT : Next generation sequencing facility EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS : At least a Masters degree in Bioinformatics and Bachelors ...

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    898 days ago

  • Spines

    Spines Spines is a collection of software tools, developed and used by the Vertebrate Genome Biology Group at the Broad Institute. It provides basic data structures for efficient data manipulation (mostly genomic sequences, alignments, variation etc.), as well as specialized tool sets ...

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    741 days ago

  • List of Bioinformatics Software Tools for Next Generation Sequencing

    Commercial tools Strand NGS offers many different tools including alignment, RNA-Seq, DNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, Small RNA-Seq, Genome Browser, visualizations, Biological Interpretation, etc. Supports workflows “one can import the sample data in FASTA, FASTQ or tag-count format. In addition, ...

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    641 days ago

  • Computer simulation of genetic mechanism !!

    Computer simulation is the discipline of designing a model of an actual or theoretical physical/biological system, executing the model on a digital computer, and analyzing the execution output. Simulation embodies the principle of ``learning by doing'' --- to learn about the system we must first ...

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    708 days ago

  • BioinfoLab

    Laboratory of Statistics and Computational tools for Bioinformatics The Laboratory of Statistics and Computational tools for Bioinformatics (BioinfoLab) is hosted at the Istituto per le Applicazioni del Calcolo "Mauro Picone" - CNR . The laboratory has been officially opened in 2012 with the s...

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    695 days ago

  • Awesome bioinformatics pipelines !

    A curated list of awesome pipeline toolkits ...

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