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  • Understanding #Ion #Torrent

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    398 days ago

  • Ion Torrent white paper: #NGS #Ion #Torrent #Steps

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    299 days ago

  • TMAP - torrent mapping alignment program General Notes

    TMAP - torrent mapping alignment program General Notes TMAP is a fast and accurate alignment software for short and long nucleotide sequences produced by next-generation sequencing technologies. The latest TMAP is unsupported. To use a supported version, please see the TMAP version associat...

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    296 days ago

  • AIRVF: a filtering toolbox for precise variant calling in Ion Torrent sequencing

    AIRVF that works on flowgram, raw and mapped reads and called variants to reduce artifact-driven false variant calls. Tests on sequencing data of standard reference material showed up to ∼98% reduction of false variants when combined to conventional public pipelines and ∼48% to the in-hou...

    Tags: AIRVF, filtering, toolbox, precise, variant, calling, Ion, Torrent, sequencing

    33 days ago