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  • DarkHorse

    DarkHorse is a bioinformatic method for rapid, automated identification and ranking of phylogenetically atypical proteins on a genome-wide basis. It works by selecting potential ortholog matches from a reference database of amino acid sequences, then using these matches to calculate a lineag...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, HGT, Genes, Horizontal, Transfer, Method, Tools, DarkHorse

    574 days ago

  • NearHGT

    Horizontal gene transfer (HGT), the transfer of genetic material between organisms, is crucial for genetic innovation and the evolution of genome architecture. Existing HGT detection algorithms rely on a strong phylogenetic signal distinguishing the transferred sequence from ancestral (vertically...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, NearHGT, Horizontal, Gene, Transfer, Haifa

    574 days ago

  • Genome Annotation Transfer Utility (GATU)

    Genome Annotation Transfer Utility (GATU) was designed to facilitate quick, efficient annotation of similar genomes using genomes that have already been annotated. For example, whenever a new strain of SARS coronavirus is sequenced, it is possible, using GATU, to automatically annotate the new st...

    Tags: Genome, Annotation, Transfer, Utility, GATU

    233 days ago

  • Alien_Hunter : prediction of putative Horizontal Gene Transfer (HGT) events

    Alien_hunter is an application for the prediction of putative Horizontal Gene Transfer (HGT) events with the implementation of Interpolated Variable Order Motifs (IVOMs). An IVOM approach exploits compositional biases using variable order motif distributions and captures more reliably the local ...

    Tags: prediction, putative, Horizontal, Gene, Transfer, HGT, events, Alien, Hunter, Alien_hunter

    9 days ago

  • DarkHorse: a method for genome-wide prediction of horizontal gene transfer

    A new approach to rapid, genome-wide identification and ranking of horizontal transfer candidate proteins is presented. The method is quantitative, reproducible, and computationally undemanding. It can be combined with genomic signature and/or phylogenetic tree-building procedures to improve accu...

    Tags: DarkHorse, method, genome-wide, prediction, horizontal, gene, transfer, HGT

    208 days ago