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  • 25 Useful Basic Commands of APT-GET and APT-CACHE for Package Management #Ubuntu # apt-cache

    Tags: Ubuntu

    1610 days ago

  • BioLinux Ubuntu Desktop folder and files disappeared !!

    Restarted my BioLinux ubuntu computer after an update, and when I logged back in, I noticed that all of my files went missing. Instead of Desktop folder, icons of all of my home folder are showed on desktop. Then I thaught it migh be a problem of graphical display and I opened the terminal out o...

    Tags: Linux, Ubuntu, Updates, Desktop, Disappeared, Nautilus, Config, Edit, BioLinux

    735 days ago

  • #Upgrade the #perl in #Ubuntu $ sudo cpan cpan[1]> upgrade

    Tags: Upgrade, perl, Ubuntu

    581 days ago

  • Install terminal on right click on Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install nautilus-open-terminal ; nautilus -q ; #Ubuntu #Linux #Terminal #Open

    Tags: Ubuntu, Linux, Terminal, Open

    592 days ago

  • Split the text file with line number in Linux: wc -l abc.txt and then: split -l 60000 abc.txt #Split #Break #Line #Ubuntu #Linux #Tricks

    Tags: Split, Break, Line, Ubuntu, Linux, Tricks

    515 days ago

  • Re-install perl in Ubuntu: sudo aptitude reinstall perl #Perl #Ubuntu #Install #Linux

    Tags: Perl, Ubuntu, Install, Linux

    482 days ago

  • How to resolve this public key issue in Ubuntu?

    Hit:12 PackagesFetched 1.496 B in 0s (3.442 B/s) Reading package lists... DoneW: GPG error: Release: The following signatures couldn't be ver...

    Tags: Linux, Public, Key, Ubuntu

    250 days ago

  • Where to put my SSH keys?

    Tags: SSH, keys, Ubuntu, BioLinux

    36 days ago

  • exfat on ubuntu $ sudo apt-get install exfat-utils exfat-fuse #exfat #ubuntu #mount

    Tags: exfat, ubuntu, mount

    497 days ago