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  • BINC (BioInformatics National Certification) Website address

    ...DBT), Government Of India in coordination with Bioinformatics Center, University of Pune. The objective of the...examination.Minimum qualification includes a degree from a recognized university/institute in the areas listed...

    1469 days ago

  • Sybil

    ...r Institute (JCVI) and the Institute for Genome Sciences (IGS) at the University of Maryland: Baltimore. Sybil...TIGR/JCVI, IGS, NYU, New York Medical College, Novartis Vaccines and University of Maryland: College Park to...

    350 days ago

  • Bio related lectures from internationally renowned scientists!!!

    ...t biology to people throughout the world for free. Started in 2006 by University of California – San Fra..., and supported by the American Society for Cell Biology and the University of California, San Francisco....

    1401 days ago

  • Illuminating next generation sequencing data with Go

    Another good lecture for Illumina sequencing data analysis from  Dan Kortschak, Bioinformatics Group, School of Molecular and Biomedical Science ,The University of Adelaide

    1461 days ago

  • Train yourself for assembly

    This series of talks is by Matthias Haimel who was working in Ensembl Genomes at the time, now at the University of Cambridge. These talks are intended to show how NGS data can be used...


  • India Innovates

    ...and Technology Forum, Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry; Stanford Graduate School of Business and the IC2 Institute at the University of Texas. More at http://www....

    954 days ago

  • Molecular Genetics Lecture

    ...lopment theories."  "Robert Sapolsky is an American neuroendocrinologist, professor of biology, neuroscience, and neurosurgery at Stanford University, researcher and author" ----W...

    1426 days ago

  • bedtools combining multiple bedtools operations on the UNIX command line. bedtools is developed in the Quinlan laboratory at the University of Utah and benefits fro...

    180 days ago

  • Blobology

    ...Coverage plots (TAGC plots) to visualise the contents of genome assembly data sets as a QC step Blaxter Lab, Institute of Evolutionary Biology, University of Edinburgh Goal: To create...

    435 days ago

  • Prodigal (Prokaryotic Dynamic Programming Genefinding Algorithm)

    ...nbsp;Genefinding Algorithm) is a microbial (bacterial and archaeal) gene finding program developed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the University of Tennessee. Key features of...

    237 days ago