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  • Drawback of Exome Sequencing

    Dr Eric Londin, Assistant Professor, Thomas Jefferson University, USA, stated that analysis of 44 exome datasets from four different testing kits showed that they missed a high proportion of clinically relevant regions in the 56 ACMG genes. "At least one gene in each exome method was missing more...

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    1295 days ago

  • WGS/WES Mapping to Variant Calls - Version 1.0! #Omics #NGS #WGS #SNP

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    1215 days ago

  • Whole-Genome Sequencing (WGS) PPT #PPT #WGS #Ratan

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    290 days ago

  • WGS Celera Assembler version 8.3rc2

    These are release notes for Celera Assembler version 8.3rc2, which was released on May 24, 2015.This distribution package provides a stable, tested, documented version of the software.  The distribution is usable on most Unix-like platforms, and some platforms have pre-compiled binary distri...

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    252 days ago