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  • GrapheR !!!

    What a wonderful gem GrapheR is.... Oh yes it is. GrapheR is a GUI for base graphics in R by The package provides a graphical user interf...

    1257 days ago

  • IPython: Interactive notebooks

    The IPython Notebook is a web-based interactive computational environment where you can combine code ex...sing the IPython Notebook Viewer service which will render it as a static web page. This makes it easy to g...

    1172 days ago

  • OpenCPU

    ...library provides the most seamless integration of R and JavaScript available today. OpenCPU uses standard R packaging to develop, ship and deploy web applications. Several open so...

    932 days ago

  • OSDDlinux : Computational resources for drug discovery

    ...OSDDLinux is to provide an in silico platform for computer-aided drug design. This is a collection and compilation of large number of software and web services which will be direct...

    1583 days ago

  • A fast package to parse BLAST BLAST results. BlaSTorage shows comparable speed of more basic parser written in compiled languages as C++ and can be easily integrated into web applications or software pipe...

    1595 days ago

  • BLAST+ updated !!!

    A new version (2.2.31) of the stand-alone BLAST executables (Linux, Windows and MacOSX on FTP) is now available. New features include support for BLAST-XML2 specifica...

    951 days ago

  • Upgrade R 3.0.3

    ... . Or, if you are using Windows, you can upgrade to the latest version using the installr package . Simply r...

    1415 days ago

  • Supposedly Educational R

    R 3.3.0 (codename “Supposedly Educational”) was released today. You can get the latest binaries version from here. (or the .tar.gz sou...

    629 days ago

  • Paper test for cancer !!!

    ...the next step is to test it in patient populations."   Reference: Image: jasongrowclients Homepage:

    1427 days ago

  • R 3.2.0 is released

    R 3.2.0 (codename “Full of Ingredients”) was released yesterday. You can get the latest binaries version from here. (or the .tar.gz so...

    1011 days ago