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  • Raghava's Group

    Raghava's group is known for developing open source software or web servers. Group have developed large number of web-based services. Find more at

    1378 days ago

  • ChemPath_UP Computational Biology

    ...d diabetes. The laboratory is located in the Department of Chemical pathology, University of Pretoria, Pretoria, South Africa. URL :

    1438 days ago

  • Sundar Lab

    ...tissue cultures of Tinospora cordifolia (willd.) Miers ex Hook. F. & Thoms" "Program support for Computational Genomics" More at

    1583 days ago

  • Narcis Fernandez-Fuentes Lab

    Welcome to our web-site compiling all the research-related activities of the group. Our research interests relate to a number of areas within Bioinformatics. We have a long-s...

    974 days ago

  • Radka Reifová Lab

    ...stand the role of interspecific competition and song convergence in the evolution of reproductive isolation between the species. More at

    708 days ago

  • Rosenberg lab

    ...and species trees The role of human evolutionary genetics in the search for genes that contribute to disease-susceptibility More at

    971 days ago

  • IMTECH Lab

    ...rotein Structure Prediction; Identification of Vaccine Candidates (T-Epitope prediction); Analysis of Nucleotide/Protein Sequences; Development of Web Server/ Software; Creation...

    1591 days ago

  • Computational Structural Biology Lab IITKGP

    ...and protein-nucleic acids interaction database server and bioinformatics web service. Understanding prote...f algorithms for miRNA and traget prediction. Homepage:

    936 days ago