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  • Noonan Lab at Yale #Bioinformatics #Lab #Noonan

    1055 days ago


  • An entire genome written in lab

    ...uld fight disease or generate sustainable materials. More @ News Reference: Yale news Image Source: Science...

    1578 days ago


  • An entire genome written in lab

    This is the first time ever the genetic code has been fundamentally changed. The breakthrough is a huge step forward in synthetic biology and opens up the possibility of turning re-coded bacteria into biofactories, capable of producing potent new forms of protein that could fight disease or gener...

    Tags: New Genome, Biology, DNA, Protein, Genetic Code, Yale

    1578 days ago

  • Gerstein Lab

    The focus of the Gerstein Lab is interpreting personal genomes, particularly in relation to disorders, such as cancer. This endeavor has a number of related aspects described below. Moreover, the approaches we take have broad connections to a variety of data-intensive fields, within the emerging ...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Genomics, Mark Gerstein, Yale, USA

    1432 days ago