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  • Alien Genome !!!

    Genome sequencing, analysis and expression of Alien genome. Note: This image/cartoon is create only for fun. It has nothing to do with any scientific findings.

    1137 days ago

  • Bioinformatician kidnaped !!!

    Some fish kidnaped a bioinformatician for their genome analysis.

    1559 days ago

  • Bioinformatician Dreams

    Bioinformatician life is interconnected, they always dream for a powerful server, little more space on server as they are generating lots of data per run, dream to publish results in good impact journals, meetings reminders :) and research analysis off course!!! 

    1616 days ago

  • Bioistats PPT

    ...s encompasses the design of biological experiments, especially in medicine, pharmacy, agriculture and fishery; the collection, summarization, and analysis of data from those experiment...

    236 days ago

  • Bioinformatics Vacancy

    ...y is looking for an ambitious doctorate student in bioinformatics for a project aimed at developing novel algorithms for data integration and the analysis and visualization of mass spe...

    1533 days ago

  • Statistics Using R with Biological Examples

    ...analyzing their data. My goal is to reach those with little or no training in higher level statistics so that they can do more of their own data analysis, communicate more with statis...

    236 days ago