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  • Queensland Centre for Medical Genomics, Grimmond Lab

    Queensland Centre for Medical Genomics Research Area: pancreatic cancer; ovarian cancer; prostate cancer; bowel cancer; brain cancer; endometrial cancer; breast cancer; personalised medicine; high-throughput genomics Link @

    1654 days ago

  • Ragan Lab

    Computational systems biology Research Area: breast cancer; pancreatic cancer; prostate cancer; gastrointestinal disorders; urohaemolytic disorders; staphylococcal diseases

    1654 days ago

  • BC Cancer Agency Genome Sciences Centre

    Research Area Genome analysis, genome visualization, mutation detection, molecular docking, comparative genomics, cancer informatics Link @

    1654 days ago

  • The Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR) Genomics Lab , Toronto, Canada.

    ..., tissue, chemicals and other substances. The genomics platform uses cancer genome sequencing and other h...-throughput techniques to identify genes critical to the development of cancer and anomalies in the genomic...

    1626 days ago

  • Mathivanan Lab

    ...matrix components (soluble secreted proteins and membrane vesicles) in cancer and intercellular communicati...tegrates proteomic, genomic and bioinformatics methodologies to explore cancer cells. More at http://www...

    1586 days ago

  • Raphael Lab

    ...neration DNA sequencing, structural variation, genome rearrangements in cancer and evolution, and network analysis of somatic mutations in cancer. Earlier research included to...

    934 days ago

  • Giovanni Parmigiani Lab

    ...o is at risk of carrying genetic variants that confer susceptibility to cancer. Application to breast, ovarian, colorectal, pancreatic and skin cancer. Statistical methods for t...

    1586 days ago

  • Eivind Hovig's Lab

    ...tations, germ line and somatic computational aspects of immunology in cancer signalling networks kinase signaling personalized medicine detection of biomarkers in cancer historical DNA variation...

    1603 days ago

  • Papenfuss Lab

    ...ed the development of understanding in human disease. Research Area: Analysis of Next Generation sequence data in cancer Methods for analysis of structural variation in cancer genomes Next Generation sequ...

    1654 days ago

  • Vvek's Lab (microRNA, lncRNA), Stem cells, Functional genomics, Epigenomics and Cancer RNAs, especially non-codin...role of miRNAs or other regulatory RNAs in various diseases, especially cancer and validation by reporter as...

    1580 days ago