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  • Queensland Centre for Medical Genomics, Grimmond Lab

    Queensland Centre for Medical Genomics Research Area: pancreatic cancer; ovarian cancer; prostate cancer; bowel cancer; brain cancer; endometrial cancer; breast cancer; personalised medicine; high-throughput genomics Link @

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    1680 days ago

  • Ragan Lab

    Computational systems biology Research Area: breast cancer; pancreatic cancer; prostate cancer; gastrointestinal disorders; urohaemolytic disorders; staphylococcal diseases

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    1680 days ago

  • Papenfuss Lab

    The human genome project and similar projects in disease-causing organisms such as Plasmodium falciparum, which causes malaria in humans, have provided new tools for discovery in biology and have accelerated the development of understanding in human disease. Research Area: Analysis of Next G...

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    1680 days ago

  • The Centre for Bioinformatics (MCB) Lab

    The Centre for Bioinformatics (MCB) is a diverse collection of professors, postdoctoral fellows, and students, who share a common interest in Bioinformatics. Research Area We are interested in the development of the statistics and computational methods for the analysis of this data in breas...

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    1680 days ago

  • Bacteria cause cancer @ #Cancer

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    1672 days ago

  • Lateral Gene Transfer Is Enriched in Cancer Samples

    There has been always a confusion on cancer and bacteria relationship. This is the first paper which shows lateral gene transfer causes cancer.  Find more at

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    1672 days ago

  • 33rd Annual Convention of Indian Association for Cancer Research from 13th to 15th February 2014

    RGCB is organizing the 33rd Annual Convention of Indian Association for Cancer Research from 13th to 15th February 2014 with the theme "Discovery, Innovation and Translation in Cancer Research" Kindly log on to conference website for further details and timely updat...

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    1636 days ago

  • Mathivanan Lab

    The major research interests are in exploring the role of extracellular matrix components (soluble secreted proteins and membrane vesicles) in cancer and intercellular communication. The lab integrates proteomic, genomic and bioinformatics methodologies to explore cancer cells. More at http:/...

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    1612 days ago

  • The Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR) Genomics Lab , Toronto, Canada.

    The Human Genome Project led to the development of a wide array of technologies to screen the genome and its products (genes, proteins, metabolites) and molecules that interact with these products (chemicals, RNAi). The existence of these tools resulted in the creation of facilities that use robo...

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    1651 days ago

  • Cancer's origins revealed

    Researchers have provided the first comprehensive compendium of mutational processes that drive tumour development. Together, these mutational processes explain most mutations found in 30 of the most common cancer types. This new understanding of cancer development could help to treat and prevent...

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    1648 days ago