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  • #Circular #RNA #db

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  • CGView - Circular Genome Viewer

    GView is a Java package used to display and navigate bacterial genomes. GView is useful for producing high-quality genome maps for use in publications and websites, or as a visualization tool in a sequence annotation pipeline. Users can interact with the genome using a powerful pan-and-zoom inter...

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    522 days ago

  • BLAST Ring Image Generator (BRIG)

    BRIG is a free cross-platform (Windows/Mac/Unix) application that can display circular comparisons between a large number of genomes, with a focus on handling genome assembly data. The application is available at: If you have any questions or comments, post t...

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    511 days ago

  • This is the documentation of the #circlize package. #Circular #Visualization #R

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  • Circular plots in R

    Circular plots are useful to represent complicated informations. They are used in 2 specific cases: when you have long axis and numerous categories, and when you want to show relationships between elements. The circos gallery displays several examples of circular plots, what give...

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    249 days ago

  • slacTree: SVG Large Annotated Circular Tree drawing

    A simple, extensible, Perl script for producing figures of large phylogenetic trees. While there are many other tree drawing programs, slacTree was originally written in 2009 to fill a need for producing publication quality figures of circular trees with more than 1000 taxa with custom annotat...

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    235 days ago

  • Circular Visualization in R

    This is the documentation of the circlize package. Examples in the book are generated under version 0.4.1. If you use circlize in your publications, I would be appreciated if you can cite: Gu, Z. (2014) circlize implements and enhances circular visualization in R. Bioinforma...

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    233 days ago

  • GView: A Java application for viewing and examining prokaryotic genomes in a circular or linear context

    GView is a Java application for viewing and examining prokaryotic genomes in a circular or linear context. It accepts standard sequence file formats and an optional style specification file to generate customizable, publication quality genome maps in bitmap and scalable vector graphics formats. G...

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    224 days ago

  • circosJS: d3 library to build circular graphs

    Circos is a javascript library to easily build interactive graphs in a circular layout. It's based on d3.js. It aims to be a javascript version of the Circos software. You should consider using Circos to show: relationships between entities periodical data

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