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  • Protein structure and domain help needed !

    what does it mean in protein structure as one domain, two domain, three domain and so on ? can anybody help me to know about this ? if there is any link or related article plz do a share. PS: in relation protein structure

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    731 days ago

  • What is genome? #Genome #Definition #Genetics #Bioinformatics #Plos

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    580 days ago

  • What is Bioinformatics ?

    I am a computer science studentm and it might be a stupid question, but am curious to know about it. Please help be to understand this properly.

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    252 days ago

  • Quick next generation sequencing (NGS) terms definition

    fragment size: the Illumina WGS protocol generates paired-end reads from both ends of longer fragments. The lengths of these fragments are assumed to be sampled from a normal distribution. Therefore, in the absence of structural variants, mapping locations of the paired ends span within an i...

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    261 days ago