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  • GeneMANIA

    Faster, more accurate algorithms function prediction "GeneMANIA (Multiple Association Network Integration Algorithm)" have however been developed in recent years and are publicly available on the web, indicating the future direction of function prediction.

    518 days ago

  • Bioinformatics software for biologists in the genomics era

    ...adigms under which biologist-friendly software tools are designed and developed to fulfill the needs of biolo...eality that comparatively small teams of biologists have historically developed some of the most popular biol...

    1492 days ago

  • Stacks

    Stacks is a software pipeline for building loci from short-read sequences, such as those generated on the Illumina platform. Stacks was developed to work with restriction enzyme-based...

    698 days ago

  • NCBI Prokaryotic Genome Annotation Pipeline

    ...insertion sequences, transposons and other mobile elements. NCBI has developed an automatic prokaryotic geno...Genome Automatic Annotation Pipeline (PGAAP; see Pubmed Article) developed in 2005 has been replaced wit...

    251 days ago

  • Bookmarks Biostatistics materials and books

    ...years since the first edition of this book appeared (and rather longer since it was begun). Over this time, new areas of biostatistics have been developed and emphases and interpretati...

    440 days ago

  • Method in Comparative genomics !!

    ...the pressure to conserve the reading frame of functional proteins and developed a test for gene identificatio...y. Based on the genome-wide conservation patterns of known motifs, we developed three conservation criteria t...

    439 days ago

  • Foldit: Solve Puzzles for Science

    Foldit is an online puzzle video game about protein folding. It is part of an experimental research project developed by the University of Washington, Center for Game Sc...

    32 days ago

  • RATT

    RATT is software to transfer annotation from a reference (annotated) genome to an unannotated query genome. It was first developed to transfer annotations between different genome ass...

    715 days ago

  • dipSPAdes: Assembler for Highly Polymorphic Diploid Genomes. approaches to assembling HP genomes were proposed in the pre-NGS era and are not well suited for NGS projects. To address this limitation, we developed the first de Bruijn graph ass...

    33 days ago

  • QuIN’s web server

    ...the analysis of chromatin interaction datasets. To fill this gap, we developed a web-based application, QuIN...uo;s web server is available at QuIN is developed in Java and JavaScript, utili...

    574 days ago