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  • Agampreet Kaur

    I am a bioinformatician from Panjab, India

    Skills: Bioinformatics, Perl, Python, Docking

    774 days ago

  • Govardhan Anande

    I completed my graduation in Biotechnology from VSBT Baramati, and now Bioinformatics last year PG student from RGIT&BT pune.

    Skills: Microarray, QSAR, Pharmacophore, Docking, Schrödinger, Discovery studio, R, Matlab, Perl, Java, Oracle, PCR, Chromatography, Southern blotting, ELISA

    1230 days ago

  • Workshop on Resources for Computational Drug Discovery! #DrugDiscovery #PDB #Docking

    Tags: DrugDiscovery, PDB, Docking

    1304 days ago

  • MEGADOCK 4.0

    An ultra–high-performance protein–protein docking software for heterogeneous supercomputers Summary: The application of protein–protein docking in large-scale interactome analysis is a major challenge in structural bioinformatics and requires huge computing resources. In this w...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Protein, Docking

    1258 days ago


    I am Ph.D Scholar in Computational Chemistry / Bioinformatics at HEJ Research Institute Of Chemistry , International Center For Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS) University Of Karachi.

    Skills: Docking, Molecular Dynamics Simulations, Virtual Screening, 3DQSAR, AMBER, GROMACS, MOE, SYBYL, CHIMERA, GOLD, AUTODOCK, C++

    768 days ago

  • Research article- Publiaction

    Dear All, I am Lalit, Working as SRF In Haffkine Institute. I would like to publish research article related to protein modeling and docking which in cludes MD as final step. I am currently working on protein modeling and docking area.  Those who are interested . Kindly contact me on this...

    Tags: docking, protein modeling, in silico, MD

    1103 days ago