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  • slacTree: SVG Large Annotated Circular Tree drawing

    A simple, extensible, Perl script for producing figures of large phylogenetic trees. While there are many other tree drawing programs, slacTree was originally written in 2009 to fill a need for producing publication quality figures of circular trees with more than 1000 taxa with custom annotat...

    Tags: slacTree, SVG, Large, Annotated, Circular, Tree, drawing

    233 days ago

  • DRAWID: user-friendly Java software for chromosome measurements and idiogram drawing

    "DRAWID has number of advantages including a user-friendly interactive interface, possibility for simultaneous chromosome and FISH/GISH/banding signal measurement and idiogram drawing as well as number of useful functions facilitating the procedure of chromosome analysis," explain the scientists....

    Tags: DRAWID, user-friendly, Java, software, chromosome, measurements, idiogram, drawing

    85 days ago