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  • Installing Perl environment on Linux

    By using plenv, you can easily install and switch among different version of Perl. This will be installed under your home directory in~/.plenv. Install latest Perl...

    27 days ago

  • Installing Perl GD Module

    ...the libraries, the Perl GD module will not install directly via CPAN, because it looks for the specific paths instead of getting them from your environment. But there's a way around tha...

    1645 days ago

  • Computer simulation of genetic mechanism !!

    ...le playing and it serves to drive synthetic environments and virtual worlds. Within t...ates interactions among two genetic and one environmental factor and also allows for...kage that runs in the statistical computing environment R

    680 days ago

  • List of Research Institutes in India (Biological Sciences/ Biotechnology)

    ...shoka Trust for Ecology and the EnvironmentRoyal Enclave, Srirampura, Jak...als with issues relating to the environmental, social and economic Areas: Environmental Studies, Natural Resources...esearch Areas: Neurotoxicology, environmental health, immunotoxicology an...

    69 days ago

  • Various scholarships around the world !!

    ...application deadline is 1 March 2016. International Climate Protection Fellowships for Developing CountriesScholarship Provider: Federal Environment Ministry’s (BMU) Intern...

    522 days ago