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  • srinivas

    About me: Research Scholar at Institute of Genetics, Hyderabad.     

    1481 days ago

  • Rahul Agarwal

    Interests: GeneticsInterests: Epigenetics

    4 days ago

  • BOL

    Skills: Javascript; Database: MySQL; Microarray data Analysis; Comparative Genomics; NGS; Proteomics; Molecular Phylogenetics; Teaching

    592 days ago

  • Miriam

    Skills: epigenetics

    1192 days ago

  • Paulina

    Interests: genetics

    155 days ago

  • Radha Agarkar

    Skills: Epigenetics

    12 days ago

  • Alok Prajapati

    Skills: Epigenetics

    1215 days ago

  • Abbas

    About me: ...of 18 years (2011) from Shahid Beheshti High School and is graduate in genetics of the Shahid Chamran Univers...ogy. Also he is research fellow (bioinformatician) at Al-Zahra Medical Genetics Lab. ORCID LinkedIn Resear...

    219 days ago

  • Dareen Evans

    About me: I am a Bioinformatics Recruitment Specialist, working within the field of Bioinformatics,Genomics,Genetics,Cheminformatics and Life Science.  I recruit talanted individuals from Bioinf...

    735 days ago

  • EagleEye

    About me: PhD student at University of Gothenburg. Most of my work involves designing or benchmarking pipelines for transcriptome and genomic sequencing data related to epigenetics and cancer.Brief description: genome annotation, transcriptome, RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, ChRIP, PARCLIP, cancer, noncoding, long-noncoding RNAS, epigenetics

    53 days ago