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  • Genome Browsers

    Genome Browser is the platform/database used for searching and retreiving sequences and annotation of genomes belong to various eukaryotes...:

    1653 days ago

  • Using Interval Trees to Query Genome Annotations by Position

    ...y related to overlapping genomic features: use IntervalTree python pkg htt...

    1287 days ago

  • BioProgramming

    The completion of the first human genome drafts was just a start of the modern DNA...ion sequencing” (HT-NGS). The decreasing genome sequencing cost and desire to...cally suitable language to handle ever growing genome or protein sequences. The ne...

    1686 days ago

  • Quick next generation sequencing (NGS) terms definition

    ...a read pair is called concordant if they can be mapped to the reference genome as “expected”: (a...ature.split reads: a read that can only be mapped to the reference genome by breaking into two sub-read...

    261 days ago

  • Tools for bacterial whole genome annotation

    ...ation (if you have only a few genomes to annotate). Prokka &...y useful if you have loads of genomes or need to annotate a pangen..., as well as other functional genome units such as structural RNAs...or annotating fully sequenced genomes. PAGIT: Provides a toolkit...

    70 days ago

  • List of visualization tools for genome alignments

    Genome browsers are useful not onl...need publication ready figure of genomes. Following are the list of genome alignment visualization tools...ation information of a reference genome visualizing sequenced human genomes

    22 days ago

  • Webinar on RNA-Seq Data Analysis on 28 Feb 2018

    ...nar will give an overview of the workflow which includes Transcriptome/ Genome alignment, Differential expre...le correlation, clustering, Venn diagrams, CVA, UMI support and elastic genome browser used in RNA-Seq workf...

    2 days ago

  • BBSplit: Read Binning Tool for Metagenomes and Contaminated Libraries

    BBSplit internally uses BBMap to map reads to multiple genomes at once, and determine which genome they match best. This is different than with ordinary mapping. If a genome (say, human) contains an exac...

    53 days ago

  • NGS Glossary !!

    ...sequence reads to a reference genome. BAM Format: binary, compres...equence read to the reference genome. Three core abbreviations are...c variants. RNAME: reference genome identifier (also known as the...e sequence Referencesequence/genome  A fully assembled vers...

    607 days ago

  • Computational resources for TE discovery and TE detection

    Transposable Elements (TEs) to genome structure and evolution as well as their impact on genome sequencing, assembly, annotation an...ta/LTR_Struc.html LTR_MINER REPuter RetroMap http://www.bu...

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