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  • CHSMiner: a GUI tool to identify chromosomal homologous segments

    Background The identification of chromosomal homologous segments (CHS) within and between genomes is essential for comparative genomics. Various processes including insertion/deletion and inversion could cause the degeneration of CHSs. Results Here we present a Java software CHSMiner tha...

    Tags: CHSMiner, GUI, tool, identify, chromosomal, homologous, segments

    99 days ago

  • Taxoblast : Taxoblast is a pipeline to identify contamination in genomic sequence

    Modern genome sequencing strategies are highly sensitive to contamination making the detection of foreign DNA sequences an important part of analysis pipelines. Here we use Taxoblast, a simple pipeline with a graphical user interface, for the post-assembly detection of contaminating sequences in ...

    Tags: Taxoblast, pipeline, identify, contamination, genomic, sequence

    94 days ago