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  • Illumina reveals first dataset of long reads

    With the help of Moleculo technology , acquired by Illumina releases new service for long reads sequencing i.e.,  FastTrack Long Reads. Average read length is around 8,500 base pairs in release dataset. Best thing about this, there is not much effect on cost and quality of data. ...

    Tags: Illumina, Moleculo, long reads, sequencing

    1646 days ago

  • Illumina Smartphone Chip !!!

    Illumina, the company that claims it brought human genome sequencing down to $1000 prices, has now turned its attention to a consumer product - a chip that you can plug into your smartphone and have it read your genetic information.The biggest challenge ahead of Illumina is simplifying the proces...

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    1151 days ago

  • High Density Sheep SNP Genotyping Chip released!!!

    If you are working on Sheep genomics then there is a good news for you. FarmIQ in conjunction with Illumina and the International Sheep Genomics Consortium (ISGC) are today announcing completion of the “Ovine Infinium® HD SNP BeadChip”, a high definition SNP chip for ship gen...

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    1635 days ago