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  • Taverna Workflow Management System

    Taverna is an open source domain independent Workflow Management System – a suite of tools used to design and execute scientific workflows. Taverna has been created by the myGrid project and is funded through a range of organisations and projects. The Taverna suite is written in Java and i...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Management, Workflow

    1652 days ago

  • Prashant Deore

    Skills: Database Designing, Management, Sequence analysis, Evolutionary relationship

    982 days ago

  • Perlbrew: admin-free perl installation management tool.

    perlbrew is an admin-free perl installation management tool. The latest version is 0.79, read the release note: Release 0.79.  Copy & Paste this line into your terminal: \curl -L | bash Or, if your system does not have curl but something else: # Lin...

    Tags: admin-free, perl, installation, management, tool

    226 days ago