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  • Encode sequencing data freely available to download and use for academic means

    In Encode, regulatory elements investigated via DNA hypersensitivity assays, assays of DNA methylation, and chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) of proteins that interact with DNA, including modified histones and transcription factors, followed by sequencing (ChIP-Seq). More information: h...

    Tags: Encode, UCSC, genome browser, Sequencing, RNA-Seq, Chip-Seq, Epigenomics, Methylation, histone modification, regulatory elements, HMM

    1374 days ago

  • methylKit

    methylKit is an R package for DNA methylation analysis and annotation from high-throughput bisulfite sequencing. The package is designed to deal with sequencing data from RRBS and its variants, but also target-capture methods such as Agilent SureSelect methyl-seq. In addition, methylKit can deal ...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, methylKit, Methylation, DNA, Analysis, Genome, NGS, Sequence

    561 days ago

  • Genomics and sequencing approach for identification of biomarkers to assess the efficacy of TGF-╬▓RI inhibitors (of liver cancer) in vivo

    Liver cancer is third leading cause of deaths and fourth most frequent occuring cancer worldwide. There are multiple signaling pathways responsible for causing cancer amongst which TGFb is most important cytokine whose signaling pathway promote cancer. However, main problem is to cure this cancer...

    Tags: Sequencing, HCC, liver, MACE, cancer, fibrosis, methylation

    1229 days ago