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  • Petrol from Ecoli

    "In recently published paper (entitled "Microbial Production of Short-chain Alkanes") in Nature journal on September 29, a group of genius Korean researchers led by Distinguished Professor Sang Yup Lee of the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the Korea Advanced Institute of S...

    Tags: microbes, Ecoli, gasoline, biofuel, genetic engineering

    1606 days ago

  • Zombies like bacteria!!!

    Do you believe in Zombies stories … Hmm confused? Don’t worry there is a news for you. Scientists from the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program have announced the findings  of the long-lived bacteria, reproducing only once every 10,000 years, which have been found in rocks 2.5km (1...

    Tags: microbes, bacteria, ocean, sediments, viruses, rock, extremophilic microbes, sequencing, metagenomics

    1633 days ago

  • Role of microbes in forensic science

    "Studies on decomposing mice suggest that the microbial content of a corpse can offer clues as to how old a body is and the approximate time that death occurred."Read more:

    Tags: microbiome, microbes, forensic crime, sequencing

    1607 days ago