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  • DIAL

    ...s even when the depth of coverage is insufficient for de novo assembly, and it can be extended to determine small insertions/deletions. Our main motivation is to use this tool to survey...

    360 days ago

  • Finding Patterns in Biological Sequences

    ...port we provide an overview of known techniques for discovery of patterns of biological sequences (DNA and proteins). We also provide biological motivation, and methods of biological ve...

    429 days ago

  • seqloc 0.6

    ...s in seqloc are designed to represent positions and locations (ranges of positions) on sequences, particularly nucleotide sequences. My original motivation for writing these packages wa...

    1154 days ago


    ...supervised training and uses information from RNA-Seq reads in the prediction step. Complementary strengths of GeneMark-ET and AUGUSTUS provided motivation for designing a new combined...

    541 days ago

  • CNIDARIA: fast, reference-free phylogenomic clustering

    Motivation: Identification of biological specimens is a major requirement for a range of applications. Reference-free methods analyse unprocessed sequencing data without...

    618 days ago

  • poRe: an R package for the visualization and analysis of nanopore sequencing data

    Motivation: The Oxford Nanopore MinION device represents a unique sequencing technology. As a mobile sequencing device powered by the USB port of a laptop, the MinIO...

    93 days ago