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  • Ten Simple Rules for Writing Research Papers #Paper

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    1332 days ago

  • Finding Patterns in Biological Sequences

    In this report we provide an overview of known techniques for discovery of patterns of biological sequences (DNA and proteins). We also provide biological motivation, and methods of biological verification of such patterns. Finally we list publicly available tools and databases for pattern discov...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, Patterns, Tools, Book, Tutorial, Paper, Script, Algo

    277 days ago

  • MIRA paper

    Motivation: This article presents a method for as­ sembling shotgun sequences which primarily uses high confidence regions whilst taking advantage of additional available information such as low con­ fidence regions, quality values or repetitive region tags. Conflict situations are r...

    Tags: MIRA, paper, NGS, Reads, Assemble

    13 days ago