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  • Many-Core Engine (MCE) for Perl example

    MCE spawns a pool of workers and therefore does not fork a new process per each element of data. Instead, MCE follows a bank queuing model. Imagine the line being the data and bank-tellers the parallel workers. MCE enhances that model by adding the ability to chunk the next n elements from the in...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, Programming, Perl, MCE, Parallel, Core, Thread, Fork

    321 days ago

  • A #parallel implementation of #gzip for modern #multi-processor, #multi-core machines

    Tags: parallel, gzip, multi, multi

    222 days ago

  • CrocoBLAST: Optimized parallel implementation of local sequence alignment algorithms

    Local sequence alignment is a cornerstone of bioinformatics, allowing to compare the amino-acid sequences of different proteins, or the nucleotide sequences of different pieces of DNA. The Basic Local Alignment Search Tool (BLAST) has revolutionized the field of bioinformatics, and is currently i...

    Tags: CrocoBLAST, Optimized, parallel, local, sequence, alignment, algorithms

    146 days ago