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  • Annotation transfer pipeline MAKER #Maker #Annotation #Pipeline

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    595 days ago

  • RASTtk : algorithm for building custom annotation pipelines and annotating batches of genomes

    The RAST (Rapid Annotation using Subsystem Technology) annotation engine was built in 2008 to annotate bacterial and archaeal genomes. It works by offering a standard software pipeline for identifying genomic features (i.e., protein-encoding genes and RNA) and annotating their functions. Recently...

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    573 days ago

  • GKNO

    gkno opens the world of complex bioinformatic analysis to people of all level of computational expertise. This site contains documentation, tutorials and information on all the tools that comprise gkno.

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    550 days ago

  • TEannot

    We advise to run first the TEdenovo pipeline but it is not compulsory. We suppose you begin by running the TEannot pipeline on the example provided in the directory "db/" rather than directly on your own genomic sequences. Thus, from now on, the project name is "DmelChr4".  

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    460 days ago

  • MyPro: A seamless pipeline for automated prokaryotic genome assembly and annotation

    MyPro is an improved genomics software pipeline for prokaryotic genomes. MyPro is user-friendly and requires minimal programming skills. High-quality prokaryotic genome assembly and annotation can be obtained with ease. It performed better than de novo assemblers and contig integration software. ...

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    342 days ago

  • DIAL

    A computational pipeline for identifying single-base substitutions between two closely related genomes without the help of a reference genome. DIAL works even when the depth of coverage is insufficient for de novo assembly, and it can be extended to determine small insertions/deletions. Our main ...

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    265 days ago

  • Pacbio pipeline #Pacbio #Reads #Pipeline

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    251 days ago

  • NCBI Prokaryotic Genome Annotation Pipeline

    NCBI Prokaryotic Genome Annotation Pipeline is designed to annotate bacterial and archaeal genomes (chromosomes and plasmids). Genome annotation is a multi-level process that includes prediction of protein-coding genes, as well as other functional genome units such as structural RNAs, tRNAs, sma...

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    189 days ago

  • #Eukaryotic #genome #annotation #scipio #pipeline

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    724 days ago

  • Webinar on Streamlining large scale analysis using the Strand NGS Pipeline Manager on 24 Feb 2016

    Live Webinar on Streamlining large scale NGS data analysis using the Strand NGS Pipeline Manager on 24 Feb 2016 Abstract: Strand NGS includes comprehensive workflows for DNA-Seq, RNA-Seq, Small RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, MeDIP-Seq, and Methyl-Seq analysis. Each workflow includes a quality assessment and...

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    656 days ago