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  • Hagfish - assess an assembly through creative use of coverage plots

    Hagfish is a tool that is to be used in data analysis of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) experiments. Hagfish builds on the concept of coverage plots and aims to assist (amongst others) in quality control of de novo genome assembly or identification of structural variation in a genome ...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, Hagfish, Assess, Assembly, Coverage, Plots, NGS, Structure, Variation, SV, Assembly, Genome

    639 days ago

  • Circular plots in R

    Circular plots are useful to represent complicated informations. They are used in 2 specific cases: when you have long axis and numerous categories, and when you want to show relationships between elements. The circos gallery displays several examples of circular plots, what give...

    Tags: Circular, plots, R, circlize, Zuguang Gu

    244 days ago

  • orthodotter: Synteny plots (oxford grid)

    orthodotter -h -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- orthodotter - Plot orthologous genes on an oxford grid. -f <file> : input file, containing orthologous genes, default is stdin species chr-name start end spe...

    Tags: orthodotter, Synteny, plots, oxford, grid

    193 days ago