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  • Raphael Lab

    Raphael Lab research is focused on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology. Current research interests include next-genera...analysis of somatic mutations in cancer. Earlier research included topics in comparativ...

    934 days ago

  • Molecular and Computational Biology Research School

    The ambition of the Molecular and Computational Biology Research School (MCB) is to create an attractive in the field, and to stimulate crossdiscipline developments in the research of the parties. http://www...

    1587 days ago

  • Katju Lab

    ...level of populations, both experimental and natural, and genomes. Our research interests encompass a wide ra...ion in evolution. For details regards ongoing projects, please see the Research page.

    698 days ago

  • Center for Molecular Dynamics Nepal (CMDN), Nepal

    ...l (CMDN), established 2007 prides itself as a research driven nongovernmental organi...ions, CMDN is dedicated entirely to promoting research in the country. With its team...zed as the leading public health and wildlife research organization of the country....

    1280 days ago

  • Rehmsmeier group

    "Our research focuses on understanding development, gene regulation, and epigenetics on a genome-wide scale, in the context of evolution. This involves the design and application of algorithms, statistics, and experimental approaches."

    1536 days ago

  • Eugene V. Koonin Lab

    Interested in understanding the evolution of life. To obtain glimpses of such understanding, we employ existing and new methods of computational biology to perform research in several major areas.

    15 days ago

  • Welch Lab the Department of Genetics at the University of Cambridge. The research covers diverse areas of evolu...ference from genome sequence data. Links @

    1624 days ago

  • Radka Reifová Lab

    ...the role of sex chromosomes in speciation. Most of our research is done on birds and mammals. Currently, we focus our research on two hybridizing song birds...ore at

    709 days ago

  • National Center for Bioinformatics (NCB)

    ...oinformatics. The major goal of NCB is to promote quality training and research in the area of Bioinformatics...s a cross-disciplinary field as the need for computational sections to research problem raised in biomedicine...

    1280 days ago

  • Smyth Lab

    ...ogies such as microarrays have revolutionised biology. Making the most of this revolution requires the marriage of researchers from mathematical and biological backgrounds. Research Area: Linear models for micr...

    1654 days ago