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  • Biological file format tutorial is basic and designed to help users to distinguish the difference between different formats. Please refer user manual or other information resources on web for more details. F...

    69 days ago

  • R tuorial

    R learning resources

    209 days ago

  • Statistical for biological research

    ...f their work. Nature Methods' Points of Significance column on statistics explains many key statistical and experimental design concepts. Other resources include an online plotting to...

    479 days ago

  • Velvet tutorial

    The objective of this activity is to help you understand how to run Velvet in general, how to accurately estimate the insert size of a paired-end library throu...

    443 days ago

  • Ensembl comparative genomics resources

    The Ensembl comparative genomics resources are one such reference set that facilitates comprehensive and re...nd homologies for both protein-coding and non-coding RNA genes. These resources are updated frequently and ha...

    727 days ago

  • Enzyme Portal

    ...a protein with enzymatic activity. The enzyme portal integrates many resources, most of them hosted by EBI a...tead of reinventing the wheel, it makes use of available and reliable resources to that end. Related Literat...

    1635 days ago

  • Online Courses for biology beginners

    Most of the time we face some biological problems while analysing our data computationally. This bookmark is being created to provide list of all free online courses at one place. If you know any other good online cource resources to learn biology please let me know.  

    1682 days ago

  • Best practices in bioinformatics training for life scientists

    ...s, from clinicians to environmental researchers, a common theme is the need not just to use, and gain familiarity with, bioinformatics tools and resources but also to understand their...

    1656 days ago

  • Understanding PacBio

    This tutorial includes resources for learning more about PacBio data and bioinformatics analysis, and in...cessing, as well as information for specialized applications. Training Resources: Bioinformatics Workshop (...

    366 days ago

  • : R and Data Mining

    This website presents examples, documents and resources on data mining with R. Documents on using R for data mining are available to download for non-commercial personal use, including...

    1654 days ago