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  • Very informative and useful suggestion for scientific community by Faye Hicks #Thesis #Science

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    1575 days ago

  • What actually it means to say "state-of-the-art"?

    While reading a research paper, I come across this term "state-of-the-art". Please help to understand it in scrientific format. What it means to say "Significance of the expected outcome with respect to the state-of-the-art in the field"

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    1406 days ago

  • A recommended Pdf reader #Pdf #Science #Quick #Easy #UserFriendly

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  • #Newton #International #Fellowships #British #Scholarship #Science

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  • #Science #Pipeline

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  • Perl Scripts for Science and Engineering #Perl #Script #Science

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  • CSIR Nehru Science Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

    CSIR Nehru Science Postdoctoral Research Fellowship About Fellowship: CSIR Nehru Science Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Scheme is an Research Fellowship awarded/given by HRD Ministry, Govt. of India every year to more than 100 fellows. It was started to identify promising and young rese...

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    419 days ago

  • Foldit: Solve Puzzles for Science

    Foldit is an online puzzle video game about protein folding. It is part of an experimental research project developed by the University of Washington, Center for Game Science, in collaboration with the UW Department of Biochemistry. The objective of Foldit is to fold...

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    32 days ago

  • Ten #institutions that dominated #science in 2015 #Rank

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