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  • Bioinformatics Codes Search

    ...rk. You can use the left bar options to filtere out or narrow down your search result. This webpage can be shoulders of millions of computer nerds. _/\_ Enjoy the code and research work.

    1655 days ago

  • Bio-Graphics-2.37

    ...ably make use of (e.g. transcripts, segments, etc.) and you can try to find a good way of visualization by experimenting with its options.

    245 days ago

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  • Compressive Genomics

    ...much smaller storage space. (Source:e-article from Alex Armstrong) ht...

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  • Search a PATTERN in a file and print the line. perl -ne '/PATTERN/ && print' fileName #Perl #Pattern #Print #Search #Line

    1253 days ago

  • - search engine for genomic data #GenomeSearch

    1252 days ago

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  • NCBI PSI-BLAST Tutorial Tutorial for PSI-BLAST, an extension of BLAST that uses matrix algebra. BLAST is a cornerstone bioinformatics tool at NCBI. BLAST is the Basic Local Alignment Search tool and will protein and DNA sequences that are related to a sequence that the user provides.

    Tags: PSI Blast, BLAST, NCBI, Alignment, Search, Sequence

    1647 days ago

  • How to find a files in a folder or sub folders?

    Hi Bioinformaticians,  I am new to bioinformatics and Perl. So, please execuse me if I disturb you all with newbie question. I am strugling to find a specific files (cattle_genome.fasta) from a folder and sub folders, and read it. I got some of the help form this website http://s...

    Tags: Recursively Search, Folders, Sub Folder, Find, Read, Search, Perl.

    1662 days ago

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