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  • NGS Tutorial cope with large volume of next-generation sequencing (NGS) data. NGS technologies brought a dramatic shift in the world of sequencing. Merely five years back, various government agencies. The tasks of sequencing and assembly were handled by...

    468 days ago

  • Algorithms for DNA Sequencing (course offered each month)

    ...hms and data structures -- for analyzing DNA sequencing data. We will learn a little about DNA, genomics, and how DNA sequencing is used. We will use Python t...ructures and to analyze real genomes and DNA sequencing datasets." Source : htt...

    876 days ago

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  • Genome Assembly Tools and Software - PART2 !! Merger for Next Generation SequencingGAM-NGS is able to merge...s as obtained from ultra-deep sequencing of a mixed sample. The packag...ling and scaffolding Illumina sequencing data of microbial communities...nd reads from high throughput sequencing platforms, e.g. Illumina and...

    355 days ago

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  • Coming of age: ten years of next-generation sequencing technologies #Sequencing #Technology #NGS #Updates

    574 days ago

  • Map genome-wide DNA double-strand breaks using next generation sequencing #DNA #Breaks #Chromosome #Sequencing #Genome

    1045 days ago

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  • Real time Sequencing

    “... we now know we can do high-throughput sequencing at any location on Earth,” Moroz said. Source:

    1323 days ago

  • Sequencing By Xpansion

    Sequencing By Xpansion (SBX) is a DNA sequencing method that uses a simple biochemical reaction to encode the sequence of a DNA molecule into a highly measurable surrogate called an Xpandom...

    914 days ago

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  • Shankar Lab

    ...ry System Analysis with respect to microRNAs (B) Computational Epigenomics & Regulomics: (C) Computational issues with Next Generation Sequencing: Department of Biotechnolo...

    1524 days ago

  • Raphael Lab

    Raphael Lab research is focused on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology. Current research interests include next-generation DNA sequencing, structural variation, genome rearrange...

    897 days ago

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  • Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

    Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

    This group meant to discuss different sequencing methods and their data analysis. Now, sequencing is almost one of the most popular technique scientific fraternity pursue worldwide to comprehand the genomic co...

    1577 days ago

  • Single molecule Sequencing (SMS)

    Single molecule Sequencing (SMS)

    SMS is now slowly gaining place in sequencing world, more and more scientists now keen to use SMS method to sequence molecules in comparatively less complex protocal and less time. One...

    897 days ago

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  • 320000 viruses in mammals yet to sequenced in future!!!

    With current biological technique improvements, finally it is now possible to look at millions of unknown viruses at genomic level and understand the mechanism. According to available data, close to 70 per cent of emerging viral diseases such as HIV/AIDS, West Nile, Ebola, SARS, and influenza, ar...

    Tags: Sequencing, RNA, DNA, Genome, Virus, Mammals, flying fox, HIV

    1566 days ago

  • Barber pole worm , sheep pathogen sequenced !!!

    Haemonchus contortus is a highly pathogenic parasitic nematode of that can infect a large number of wild and domesticated ruminant species and is the most economically important parasite of sheep and goats worldwide. Scientists at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute have sequenced the genome of t...

    Tags: Sequencing, pathogen, sheep, worm

    1566 days ago

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