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  • Manshi Raghubanshi

    About me: I recently join Bioinformatics as a post grad student. My interest is in genomics and next generation sequencing technologies. I love to explore the area and do my research in it.

    1030 days ago

  • ArrayGen Technologies

    Interests: Next Generation Sequencing

    376 days ago

  • Harshitha G R

    About me: ...of Bioinformatics - an interdisciplinary study since my under graduation. With this intuition I started acquiring knowledge in genomic studies, sequencing analysis, and statistical tec...

    686 days ago

  • pradyumna Jayaram

    About me: I am working as a research fellow at Manipal University. Most of my work involves designing pipelines for genomic sequencing data.Interests: Next Generation Sequencing

    178 days ago

  • karimse07

    About me: Computing postgraduate interested in bioinformatics . interest areas : sequencing , protein structure /function prediction , bioinformatics algorithms , bioinformatics programming , Bio machine learning / data mining .

    183 days ago

  • Jitbiotech

    About me: I am working on Phylogenetic and functional diversity of forest soil metagenome using Next Generation Sequencing.Interests: Next Generation Sequencing

    838 days ago

  • Arup Ghosh

    Interests: NextGen SequencingSkills: Sequencing Data Analysis

    236 days ago

  • EagleEye

    About me: PhD student at University of Gothenburg. Most of my work involves designing or benchmarking pipelines for transcriptome and genomic sequencing data related to epigenetics and cancer.

    54 days ago