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  • WGS Celera Assembler version 8.3rc2

    These are release notes for Celera Assembler version 8.3rc2, which was released on May 24, 2015.This distribution package provides a stable, tested, documented version of the software.  The distribution is usable on most Unix-like platforms, and some platforms have pre-compiled binary distri...

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    289 days ago

  • Tools for bacterial whole genome annotation

    RAST – Web tool (upload contigs), uses the subsystems in the SEED database and provides detailed annotation and pathway analysis. Takes several hours per genome but I think this is the best way to get a high quality annotation (if you have only a few genomes to annotate). Pr...

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    38 days ago

  • Chemical Elements of Bioinformatics

    You must be familiar with periodic table and colour pattern, but this time you are going to amaze by new elements table by Eagle genomics. Just check it out and have fun :)

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    1580 days ago

  • #cancer #genomic #tools

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  • #tools #ngs #seq #SVs #mutation

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  • Evolution and phylogeny software #tools #software #phylogeny #evolution

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    189 days ago

  • Alignment-free sequence comparison tools available for next-generation sequencing data analysis

    kallisto Transcript abundance quantification from RNA-seq data (uses pseudoalignment for rapid determination of read compatibility with targets) Software (C++) Sailfish Estimation of isoform abundances from reference sequences and RNA-seq data (k-...

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    78 days ago

  • IONiseR: tools for the quality assessment of data produced by Oxford Nanopore‚Äôs MinION sequencer

    This package is intended to provide tools for the quality assessment of data produced by Oxford Nanopore’s MinION sequencer. It includes a functions to generate a number plots for examining the statistics that we think will be useful for this task. However, nanopore sequencing is an emergi...

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    62 days ago

  • Bioinformatics tools developed for Oxford Nanopore data analysis !

    MinION is the only portable real-time device for DNA and RNA sequencing. Each consumable flow cell can now generate 10–20 Gb of DNA sequence data. Ultra-long read lengths are possible (hundreds of kb) as you can choose your fragment length. One of the technical advantage...

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    27 days ago

  • Bioinformatics tools collection and database #tools #database #search #list

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