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  • Sequence Viewer: Download Transcripts, Exons and Proteins

    How to download FASTA sequence for certain gene features while in the NCBI's Sequence Viewer. Sequence Viewer homepage: Sequence Viewer playlist:

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    1253 days ago

  • NCBI Updated Tree Viewer #NCBI #Viewer #Tree #Updates

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    1006 days ago

  • CGView - Circular Genome Viewer

    GView is a Java package used to display and navigate bacterial genomes. GView is useful for producing high-quality genome maps for use in publications and websites, or as a visualization tool in a sequence annotation pipeline. Users can interact with the genome using a powerful pan-and-zoom inter...

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    518 days ago

  • BLAST Ring Image Generator (BRIG)

    BRIG is a free cross-platform (Windows/Mac/Unix) application that can display circular comparisons between a large number of genomes, with a focus on handling genome assembly data. The application is available at: If you have any questions or comments, post t...

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    507 days ago


    DECIPHER is a software toolset that can be used to maintain, analyze, and decipher large amounts of DNA sequence data. To install DECIPHER, see the Downloads page. To begin using DECIPHER read the "Getting Started DECIPHERing" tutorial. Refer to the PDF documents below for instructions on how to ...

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    507 days ago

  • Strudel

    Strudel is our graphical tool for visualizing genetic and physical maps of genomes for comparative purposes. The application aims to let the user examine their data at a variety of different levels of resolution, from entire maps to individual markers, and explore syntenic relationships between g...

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    507 days ago

  • Murasaki

    Murasaki is an anchor alignment program that is exteremely fast (17 CPU hours for whole Human x Mouse genome (with 40 nodes: 35 wall minutes), or 8 mammals in 21 CPU hours (42 wall minutes)) scalable (Arbitrarily parallelizable across multiple nodes using MPI) memory efficient. (Even a singl...

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    507 days ago

  • GenomeRing: alignment visualization based on SuperGenome coordinates

    The number of completely sequenced genomes is continuously rising, allowing for comparative analyses of genomic variation. Such analyses are often based on whole-genome alignments to elucidate structural differences arising from insertions, deletions or from rearrangement events. Computational to...

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    397 days ago

  • In search of a good genome browser/viewer

    I have reference sequeces (in fasta format) and alignment files (small RNA reads from 4 different conditions aligned to genome in SAM/BAM/BED/BEDgraph format) as input files. I'm interested in comaparing the alignments of different conditions. So, I'm looking for a good genome viewer which can al...

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    912 days ago

  • Dot, an interactive viewer for genome-genome comparison

    Dot, an interactive dot plot viewer that allows genome scientists to visualize genome-genome alignments in order to evaluate new assemblies and perform exploratory comparative genomics.  Dot supports the output of MUMmer’s nucmer aligner the most commonly used software method for alig...

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    36 days ago